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harry/SOMEONE on radio 1 after the 2013 brit awards 

harry: i’ll call, yeah, i’ll call you back…
nick: harry get off the phone! who’s on the phone to you?
harry: i was on the phone because um…
nick: who’s on the phone? who’s on the phone?
harry: someone was um, ordering the comic relief single…which i think more people should do…

nick: what was the highlight of yesterday except you winning a brit award? 
harry: zaaaaaRAA…my favorite part was probably performinnnnggg because…i found it entertaininnnnng and…i’ve been told to try and rap this answer, which i’m struggling with
nick: who’s telling you to do that?
harry: [awkward giggle] …i haven’t got a very good flow.

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i will defend zayns blond streak to the grave

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joaoschiavinato: Guess who?!?! Yes, I met Zayn Malik today! 😱

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